Frequently asked questions

  • Are they easy to apply?

    Yes. Each treatment contains two lightweight strips individually shaped to fit differing top and bottom teeth profiles to ensure a perfect fit and comfort in use. The wrap over design secures the strip in place and makes application easy and they only need to be applied once a day.

  • I’ve tried other strips that didn’t work. Why are these better?

    Unlike traditional acrylic strips the Wisdom design uses the patented Hydrogel delivery system that works in 3 ways for a superior whitening effect. Lightweight, hydrogel structure allows for an increased loading of whitening ingredients, whilst also ensuring the ingredients stay effective for the full 30 minute treatment. The patented material provides a strong bond with teeth during use to ensure consistent contact between the whitening ingredient and the tooth surfaces. The lightweight, malleable strip contours easily to your teeth to allow superior whitening even on uneven surfaces, including gaps and the edges of your teeth.

  • How long do they need to be used for?

    The unique Hydrogel system means the strips work fast. Use for just 30 mins, once a day for only 7 days.

  • Are they safe to use?

    Yes. As well as being clinically tested for performance they are also independently tested for product safety and comply with all European safety regulations for cosmetic products.

  • Do they contain Peroxide?

    No, Wisdom Intense White teeth whitening strips are peroxide free and safe for use on enamel.

  • Will they make my teeth sensitive?

    Wisdom Intense White strips are not known to cause sensitivity. Peroxide based whitening treatments can cause issues with sensitivity but Wisdom Intense White strips are peroxide free.

  • How often should I use the strips?

    For best results the strips should be used as directed and used once per day for the full 7 days.

  • How long will the whitening effect last?

    Using Wisdom Intense White teeth whitening strips is not a replacement for a good oral care regime. Brushing for 2 minutes, twice a day, with whitening toothpaste and also cleaning between teeth to reach all tooth surfaces, will keep your new whiter smile at its best for longer. If you smoke or eat/drink staining foods regularly or you just want to boost your smile then the treatment can be repeated as required.

  • Can children use Wisdom Intense White Teeth Whitening Strips?

    No, this product is for adults only

  • Can I use the whitening strips when pregnant?

    No, it is not recommended that the strips are used whilst pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Can I use the whitening strips on veneers, crowns or implants?

    Wisdom Intense White teeth whitening strips are designed for use on natural teeth. However, aesthetic dental work (e.g. veneers, crowns, implants) can become discoloured and stained just like your natural teeth. The strips will clean all your teeth but will only get the non-natural materials back to their original colour.

  • Can I eat or drink whilst using the strips?

    No, we advise against eating or drinking whilst using the strips

  • Are Wisdom Intense White strips suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians?


  • Is the product and packaging latex free?


  • Has the product been tested on animals?

    Wisdom Intense White strips have not been tested on animals.

  • Are the whitening strips recyclable?

    - Strips – No, these should be disposed of in your general household waste
    - Plastic backing - PET. Can be recycled where facilities exist
    - Carton/shade guide/instruction leaflet – Paper/Card. Widely recycled
    - Sachet – VMPET. Can be recycled where facilities exist
    - Shrink-film – LLDPE. Can be recycled where facilities exist

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