Wisdom Intense White Teeth Whitening strips have been specially developed by oral care experts to provide an intensive at home whitening treatment.

Now available in 3 different variants. All are fast, safe, effective and clinically proven to deliver whiter teeth in no more than 1 week.

Wisdom Intense White

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The patented hydrogel design and unique shape of the strips ensures quick application and maximum tooth coverage, allowing for an increased loading of whitening ingredients for the full treatment time. Use for just 30 minutes, once a day for outstanding whitening results!

Intense White

Up to 6 shades whiter in 7 days*

The complete 7 day whitening system

Intense White Charcoal

Intense White Charcoal

Up to 6 shades whiter in just 5 days*

New, with activated charcoal for extra stain removing power.

Wisdom Intense White 3 Day

Intense White 3 day

Up to 3 shades whiter teeth*

New express formula, perfect for a top up to your whiter smile!

Fast, safe and effective - home teeth whitening you can trust.

Our 3-day Whitening Strips

*Wisdom Intense White Teeth Whitening Strips ADSL Clinical UTR 2018-321
*Wisdom Intense White Charcoal Teeth Whitening Strips ADSL Clinical UTR 2019-376