How it Works

Patented mouldable tray design

The unique mouldable tray enables you to get a customised fit just for you, allowing the tray to fit over your upper and lower teeth perfectly.

Non-peroxide whitening gel

The non-peroxide whitening gel is a safe and effective way to whiten teeth. By removing the build up of tooth surface stains, Wisdom Intense White Professional helps to restore your teeth to their natural whiteness – up to 8 shades whiter in 5 days!

Quick & Easy

Once you have made up your unique tray, this can be used for the duration of the treatment. Using the whitening gel in your tray for just 30 minutes, once a day, Wisdom Intense White Professional provides a superior whitening treatment to remove even deep staining.

Patented mouldable tray
Patented mouldable tray

How to use

Wisdom Intense White Professional teeth whitening system is our best whitening treatment yet – offering you that professional experience with your own unique mouldable tray that fits the contours of your individual teeth.

Each pack comes with step by step instructions to mould your trays before you start, as well as step by step instructions for daily use of the whitening gel in your customised tray. A shade guide is also provided, as it is important to check your current shade so you can compare the difference after the treatment. There is also a storage case for you to store your moulded trays, which can be used for the duration of your treatment.

Step 1 (Mould trays)

1 Remover upper and lower trays from small or large sachet.
2 Soak first tray in 90°C water (just boiled water), and remove when it becomes soft.
3 Place in mouth with orientation indents on right. Using a mirror, align central indent between front two teeth, and wrap around individual teeth for a snug fit.
4 Once set, remove tray from mouth. Rinse with cold water and dry tray. Repeat steps to make second tray (remember to use freshly boiled water). The tray can be re-moulded if you’re not happy.

Step 2 (Daily whitening treatment)

1 Brush teeth before use, and measure your teeth shade.
2 Evenly apply 0.5ml of whitening gel on inside front of both trays, keeping the gel central. Use nozzle for more accurate delivery of gel.
3 Dry teeth and place both trays into your mouth.
Wisdom Intense White
4 Leave in place for 30 minutes. Avoid eating or drinking during this time. After 30 minutes remove both trays from your mouth and brush teeth. Admire your whiter smile.