Wisdom Intense White Teeth Whitening products have been specially developed by oral care experts to provide an intensive at home whitening treatment.

Whether you prefer the convenience of the pen, the ease of the strips or the professional feel and extra whitening of the tray. Wisdom has a product to suit you. All are fast, safe, effective and clinically proven to deliver whiter teeth.

Intense White Instant Whitening Pen

The clinically proven whitening pen is a quick and convenient way to whiten teeth. The peroxide free whitening gel has been formulated to provide effective stain removal with instant whitening results. The unique silicone applicator with gentle filaments works the whitening gel into the tooth surface to provide a superior whitening performance.

Use once to whiten your teeth up to 2 shades, or for maximum results use once a day for 5 days.

Intense White Instant Whitening Pen

Wisdom Intense White Instant whitening pen contains an enamel safe whitening gel with a unique silicone applicator brush, for improved stain removal.

This innovative teeth whitening pen has an instant effect on teeth after just one use, and with only 15 minutes a day, it works to remove extrinsic stains from the tooth surface to reveal a whiter smile with long lasting results.

Remove surface stains caused by every day food and drink (such as tea, red wine, cola), and also smoking products. For maximum results we recommend using once a day for 5 days, or until the gel is used up.

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